Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Facebook...a new addiction

Ok, so I said I was back and haven't been. I have a new addiction and it is taking up WAY too much of my time...Facebook. I can't help it, really I can't. I have connected with nearly 100 people I went to school with and haven't talked with since 1983-84 (yes, I'm telling my age...but you didn't know I was only 10 when I graduated...right!) It has been so much fun catching up with those people that back in HS you thought would be by your side for life. Well,things happen, you have falling outs, go off to college or move away and just loose contact. Facebook has brought most of us back together and I am so thankful for it. Taylor can't understand my obssesion with it, then I remind her of how much time she spends on her MySpace and her cell. We talked about how a lot of these people and I had a friendship like her, Samantha, Haley and Becca. She couldn't comprehend the idea of not talking to the 3 of them for 20 years...."I just won't let that happen!!" I told her I hope not, but Rhonda, Linda, Sheila, and I didn't think that either....but it did. But thanks to Facebook 3 of us 4 have connected back and I can't wait to see them at our 25th (can you believe that...25th!!) class reunion this summer, if not soon.

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Mary Jo said...

I can so relate! I always thought Facebook was a "kid" thing, but I can't believe all the connections I have made!! And people who were, in real life, just casual acquaintances, have now become good friends!