Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coach of the Year??

OK, I've been stewing about this all weekend and still do not know what to do. Let me give you some back ground before I let you know what I was told on Friday evening. Taylor; my oldest, has alway lived for softball. In our District 5 Softbal leagues she was always the one who was drafted first, looked up to by the younger girls, and made the All Star Team every year she tried out. She ate, slept and lived softball. In the 8th and 9th grade she played on the high school team, then last year she decided she would try something different and go out for the drama team. This meant she wouldn't be able to do conditioning for softball during the fall 2 days a week (which is not a requirement for trying out/playing on the the coach says). Taylor's drama teacher told her she would work around her softball schedule and even schedule the play when there wouldn't be a game!! Taylor had even called the coach and talked to her about this decision and she told her she couldn't do both and needed to make a decision, she couldn't have it both ways....even though there was a girl who was allowed to run on the track tream AND play on the softball team. Taylor was so dishearted that she didn't even go out for the team. During the summer while playing on her summer team she rememebred how much she missed it and made the decision she would go back out for the Byrnes HS team. Well, conditioning started and Taylor decided that since she was working out with me at Curves she would continue to do that and get some math tutoring afterschool instead of going to conditioning. Then after a few weeks she went to the coach, who is also her homeroom teacher, about starting to come to conditioning. OK...I know it's been a long read and I appreciate you reading this far. This brings us up to last Friday. Taylor comes home and tells me about her talk with coach and she told me she went to talk to her about conditioning and the coach's reply was..."Well Taylor, you didn't play on the team last year and barely made the team the year before maybe you just shouldn't come out this year." And this person has been named Coach of the Year in our state? This person has just put a sword through my daughter's heart!! I told her if that was me it would just be more incentive for me to work my butt off and come out and throw it in her face that I could do it! Of course, she is not me and she is defeated and probably won't play for Byrnes her Jr. or Sr. year. I told Taylor I would go talk to her and the Athletic Dir., but she won't have any of it. OK, I've vented and feel a LITTLE better. What is a parent to do when your baby is just crushed like that???


Mary Jo said...

SO frustrating and unfair!! What's more frustrating is when our daughters are growing up and don't want us to interfere. I'm going through something similar (but not as big) with my youngest. I'm trying to just bite my tongue and encourage my daughter the best I can. :o(

Mary Jo said...

Hey there! Trish tagged me (my 1st time) and I picked you for my tagee(I know that's not a word!) Hope you don't mind-but I wanted to hear 6 random things about you!!The post is on my blog with the rules :o)